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Monday, July 20, 2009

1940 Cotton Mill Pay Voucher

I went to the last Tucapau/Startex Reunion back in the spring and I promised that I would show you some of the pictures I took there. Finally downloaded them off the camera. I think this picture merits its own blog post. Below is a picture of a 1940 pay stub from Spartan Mills Startex Division. Knowing who it belonged to, I’d venture to guess that this may be a first pay check. I’ll not comment and let the numbers do the talking.

Hours worked – 32
Gross pay – $10.72

OAB – $0.11
Thrift Club – $3.00
Rent, lights, water – $5.73
Store – $0.35

Net pay – $1.53

This year I plan to have a display about the early years of Tucapau in my classroom. This photo will be prominent in the display.


Gary Carden said...

Rebel Fan,

Can you tell me how I might come by some textile/cottonmill items? I guess I'm thinking about stuff like spindles or bobbins. I may be cranking up to do a play on Mother Jones (not likely to be a popular topic in this region) and I'd like to give her some "props" when she talks about working in the mills.

Rebel Fan said...

Gary, I went to ebay and searched wooden loom shuttles,
and wooden bobbins,
Some look like ca early 20 C. Which is what I assume you want.