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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Counting the days.

No, I'm not counting the days till school lets out in May. I'll start that after Spring break. I'm counting the days until I hit the highway for Myrtle Beach and the 2007 South Carolina Writers Workshop Conference on October 25. I've volunteered to help this time, attending half the sessions for free and working the other half. I just hope that my schedule allows me to attend most of Robert Morgan's workshops. Many of you know he is one of my favorites because he writes about my people. Well, Ron Rash does, too, but I found Morgan first.

That Boone book

Earlier this month I drove up to Hendersonville to hear Robert Morgan speak about his latest book, Boone: A Biography. The passages he chose to read were interesting and quite delightful. It will be published in a few weeks. I plan on getting a copy at the conference. There were a few advanced copies at the lecture at the Henderson County Library. A tall, thin, white-headed man sitting beside me had a copy in his hand. I asked him to let me look at it. The bulk of the thing surprised me – like a Gabaldon it was. I didn’t think that poets were so long-winded. But Daniel Boone is an awful big subject, just like the song says.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Now, THAT'S Dry.

In all my 52 years I've never seen a summer where kudzu stopped growing until this year.

My newly-wed house out in the country, which I still own, and where my oldest daughter lives, borders an abandoned kudzu-covered pasture. We battled that stuff the whole time we lived there. If the summer was wet, it'd grow 2 feet a day - at least. But this year, the tips are absolutely desiccated.

But the real kicker is the story I heard yesterday about the Rock Springs Community in Cherokee County, SC, just up the road. The Baptist Church has cancelled baptisms. Now, that's dry!