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Monday, July 16, 2007

New garden friend.

I met a handsome feller while weeding the comfrey patch today. He watched me work for a while and listened to me tell about the red tailed hawk that dropped a snake behind center field during a 14u softball game last month. It must have upset him because he left me pulling up poke sprouts and yanking Virginia Creeper off the fence. I hope he comes back. He was very good looking. Kinda like this.



Anonymous said...

Here I am again, reading your blog and lovin it... You are so full of good stuff and surprises! I wish I were so creative. Thanks for putting up with being my reference for luck. nobody wants me.. a hasbeen I guess. Don't feel like one, though. How is the summer? Wish we could just set and talk a spell.. Keep in touch and keep blogging! Maxine yo Mamma

Eninaj said...

hmmm, yomama, remember her C? that was back in practically dos days.

time flies. what do you do, take yer camera wid ya everywhere ya go?

Rebel Fan 1973 said...

Hey J, I use to look up local snakes I see around these parts. The pic is just a link to the Eastern Garter snake on that site. He looked just like this one.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember my password. LOL now that AIN"T funny!

Happy new year girlfriend!