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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Two down and one to go.

Got the middle one graduated from high school last night. Thank the Lord.

This is us after the ceremony. Faculty are required to "dress out" too.
Photo taken and shared by Rhonda Dodson.


Eninaj said...

wow, they are grown up already??? how long have we been email buds? it's been since the stuff on the aromatherapy list hasn't it? Or was it from a soap list? Anyhoo I think it's been since about 1998 or '99. That's only a few years! How did those kids grow so fast?
cute name I've got huh? LOL

Rebel Fan 1973 said...

Hey, yeah, it's been bout that long. Think it started on the all about herbs group. The kids' ages are 25, 18 and 14 now. The grandbaby is 2 years and 8 months. You didn't say nuttin about my white hair and face that is now in my neck. LOL. Interesting handle you've picked there. Thanks for stopping by. -rebelfan

Weaver of words and emotions said...

hey rebel fan, definitely a resemblance mate. Congratulations.